Sophie Scholl.




On February 18, 1943 the brothers Hans and Sophie Scholl are detained at the University of Munich after having dropped leaflets containing a critical text with Hitler and National Socialism, it read: "The German name will remain forever tainted if the German youth do not rise to avenge and expiate at the same time; To annihilate their oppressors and to build a new spiritual Europe. "
She and her friends represented such a real threat to Hitler's power and its perpetuation, as was the military power of the allies, because their struggle was directed to the place that power can only try to numb, but can never conquer: The heart of man, his desire for fulfillment. In fact, it is no accident that their criminal proceedings and execution were carried out in just 4 days. They were beheaded.
With the respect due to these bold audiences, I have the imperative need to point out that the miserable act of murdering those who think was repeated in Chile when three antifascist thinkers were beheaded on March 30, 1985, by hands similar to those who murdered the brothers Scholl and his admirable friends.