Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon.




Sherlock Holmes and Watson continue to face the Nazis. In this installment, the Nazis will count on the collaboration of the evil Professor Moriarty, who reappears in the saga. While picking up some of the ideas from "The Dancers Men," the story revolves around a kidnapped scientist who has invented a secret weapon of exceptional importance. The government requires the help of Holmes, who will be on the road with his archenemy Moriarty.
It will be the first directed by Roy William Neill, who will be the director of the rest of the saga.
This is one of four films in the saga that is under the public domain. This has caused things like colored versions exist, but also that they can be distributed by Internet freely. Here we offer the complete film in original version with subtitles. This copy has been made through the original English version available on and the Spanish subtitles of