Carrying this piece of history has been a difficult task, forgive the difficulties.

Grapes Of Wrath 


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"It takes no courage to do the only thing that can be done" (phrase pronounced by the father), the Joad are both heroes and victims (although they do not feel like one) of the America of the 30's, of depression , Is the America of the New Deal, it is America that wants to rise and uses the proletariat as a cane, a working class that is constantly trampled but never annihilated because as the mother says "we are the people" (although in the dubbing to Castilian Has translated by "the people", things of the censorship).
The family, the people, the workers, are eternal institutions that even these external adversities will not eliminate or even minimize.
These are themes that despite the passage of time found in today's society, are feelings, universal feelings that give the film a timeliness and a realism that we have not yet overcome.
With this reference it should be enough to awaken the worm to see this film that does not pretend to reach beyond what the cinematographic language allows and renounces to achievements that only the literature is able to obtain (the end of the novel is different from the one of the Film, for example).