Part 1: The legacy of our greatest poet Pablo Neruda is kidnapped.

by Raul Valdivia Pizarro (Pancho Calama)

The lawyer and former Minister of Agriculture Aylwin government, Juan Agustín Figueroa, who did not know Neruda and whose management favors profit foundation to fulfill the will of the poet, this citizen usurped property, copyrights and even the pen name hiding in the foundation on which life acts as self-nominated president.

Research shows us that Pablo Neruda had decided to create the Foundation Cantalao, this institution manage its legacy. The statutes of the institution were written by his friend and Minister of Justice of Allende, Sergio Insunza have been hidden to the extent that they do not know its existence most of the Chilean public. The journalist, Mario Casasús, who has extensively researched Neruda, partially published August 11, 2005.

The Foundation had Cantalao objectives already identified by Neruda, "Cantalao be the charitable foundation nonprofit, whose objective is the spread of letters, arts and sciences, especially on the coast between San Antonio and Valparaiso with character that tends to expand its influence in the country and abroad, "the first article of the statutes.

That "the construction is further indicated in the real estate that is provided (five hectares of land near the house of Isla Negra) of buildings that will be used for meeting places for writers, artists and national scientists and foreigners as well for accommodation ".

Two representatives of Neruda, the rectors of the universities of Chile, Catholic and Technical State (now the University of Santiago), a representative of the Single Workers and: Article fifth the composition of a board of seven members was established delegate of the Society of Writers of Chile.

The statutes were signed on June 5, 1973 before the notary Casablanca (Valparaíso) and would be given to public the September 11, 1973 along with the model of the Citadel of Poets, which was intended to build. Manuel Araya, private secretary and bodyguard of the Nobel Prize, says the imminent launch of the foundation Cantalao "Neruda was very happy because it meant the realization of one of his fondest dreams." The coup of September 11, 1973 among other things destroy this important cultural project.

In its not as real memories, Matilde Urrutia indicated that day "come to Isla Negra Sergio Insunza with the statutes of the Pablo Neruda Foundation, with the testament of Paul and plans and a model of what would be the main house Tralca Point Foundation (in Cantalao). Everything would be ready for signature that would be that day. "


In the report 'Ode to Money' I-published on 9 July 2006 in the Chilean newspaper La Nacion, ensures Figueroa dismissed the possibility of a house in Cantalao poets, arguing that there would be "an ecological park ". Until today nothing has been done, I include in this complaint economic action of $ 400,000 to give the mining entrepreneur Mr. Farkas dated December 25, 2008 to build in Cantalao a memorial to Neruda, money received by Mr. Juan Agustin Figueroa, We can say that there is only tribute Cantalao nature, building air waves in honor of Pablo.

The poet entrusted the handling of the legal status of the Foundation his personal secretary, Homero Arce, who had a great closeness and trust. It was he who took dictation of his memoirs 'I confess I've Lived' and who helped prepare the "People's Anthology 1972".

After the death of Neruda, Matilde Urrutia separated Homero Arce legacy of the poet. In his memoir My Life with Pablo Neruda (Seix Barral, 1986) - The widow was justified and accused him of trying to censor the last chapter of 'I confess that I Lived' and for that reason separated him from publishing the book. A Homero Arce he was not even mentioned as who transcribed and ordered reports, credit is given to the writer and Venezuelan diplomat Miguel Otero Silva, nor was it mentioned that the main in the support it

Neruda I offer to build the People Anthology 1972, which was published in 1,000,000 copies and that the coup disappeared in flames around 700,000, this work is unknown to the life president of the Neruda Foundation, allowing thereby Plagiarism / Theft / Embezzlement, executed a Spanish company whose main shareholder is the popular party in the country.

The tragic end that had the poet's secretary. Homero Arce, was being kidnapped by agents of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet on February 2, 1977 and died four days later at the Ramón Barros Luco hospital as a result of the terrible blows with stones who handed DINA henchmen for long time in his head.

The -periodístico researcher. Mario Casasús Homero Arce says "went from being the closest and loyal, the most ninguneado and forgotten after the death of Neruda".


The causes of death of Pablo Neruda are currently being investigated by the Chilean courts, since there are grounds for believing that he was killed on the orders of dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Matilde Urrutia, while wife was heir to his property. Manuel Araya, said that she was advised by "right people, since she was never left."

Further he argues: "What interested him was to keep goods Neruda and not that his will be done. For example, Neruda wanted his house in Isla Negra remain as a resting place for sick miners from silicosis ... But she forgot all that. Only he motivated her money. "

Mario Casasús says Matilde Urrutia "is responsible for delivering on a silver platter Neruda's legacy to the worst of Pinochet, which is represented by Juan Agustín Figueroa."


The Board of Directors of the Neruda Foundation -made 15 January 1982 gradually filled with people close to Figueroa, who spent 25 years as president.

Although prominent intellectuals accompanied him on the first directory, then they stepped aside and left the Foundation in its hands.

The first consisted of Raul Bulnes, a friend of Figueroa; the writer Jorge Edwards, economist Flavián Levine and actor Roberto Parada. Edwards and Levine soon resign and were replaced by Aida Figueroa, sister of John Augustine, and the wife, Marcela Elgueta. When he died Jorge Parada entered the board of Rio, a lawyer at the law firm of Figueroa.

Years later, Edwards would express its opinion on the Neruda Foundation, "These roosters spent in Excessive Meetings (meetings without content) and social commitments; I warned them many things in which he disagreed and never got the ball with cultural things that I proposed, seemed Stalinists, curators and are all capitalists; this is already a cultural enterprise rather scratch (ordinary) that is not concerned with the literary. In the background, it does not do any good to Neruda "(The Nation, July 9, 2006).


In his memoirs, Matilde Urrutia gives an indication of the intentions of Figueroa. "I will never forget the face of Juan Agustín Figueroa when he began investigating the goods: 'What action?' 'He asked. (...) 'Dime Matilde, And money bullado Nobel Prize?' "

In 'Ode to Money', Figueroa says he came to the Clinic Santa Maria on September 22, 1973, one day before the death of Neruda. "I went to Matilde and said:

'Look, we are in an extreme situation, Paul is very serious and has not made his will; I think they are the last moments and we must do it anymore. '"

Copyright, the house-museum and marketing created from the profits generated image whose amount is one of the best kept secrets of the Foundation. The newspaper La Tercera (June 2004), says that only in 2003 entered its coffers near Chilean billion ($ 2.1 million) pesos.

The Neruda Foundation invested that money in the company Glassworks Chile, owned by Ricardo Claro. This character was very close to Augusto Pinochet and was also one of the main drivers of the 1973 coup that killed Allende.

This character was the one who facilitated two ships to the military junta to serve as prisons in Valparaiso, Maipo and Lebu, according to recent research Ricardo Claro was the main financier of the DINA.


When this information was released by Casasús in his book 'The management of the Neruda Foundation: a critical look' (2005), a stir in Chile was assembled. Figueroa was justified, as that note review of the Nation: "We have never invested in activities that could be ethically reprehensible, as in cluster bombs or life insurance of persons who are close to death."

In October 2005, in an interview with the Mapuche newspaper Azkintuwe, the son of Sergio Insunza and nephew of Figueroa, Ramiro Insunza, said that "a thief (...) stole even my mother (Aida Figueroa) 300 million pesos on account of three years of harvest on the farm who share in southern Chile. A Figueroa had to take him to court for opening the account books (and) refused all the time that the accounts of the estate (...) at the end will be reviewed, by threatening to take the case to the Supreme Court, agreed reluctantly and he proved the robbery. "

Casasús ensures that this is the modus operandi of Figueroa, who refuses to make transparent the revenue of the Foundation even consanguineous Neruda.

The May 10, 2007, Reyes Succession legal-figure representing the family and headed Neruda Rodolfo Reyes, nephew of the poet sued the Housing Society Maulén, owner of the hotel chain Neruda. The lawsuit was based on the commercial use of the name of the poet would be illegal because it is not owned by the Neruda Foundation but family succession. This case was ventilated in a civil court of Santiago, the strange power of the permanent president of the Neruda foundation turned to

show to lose demand representatives of the Neruda family.

VIP Neruda

The Neruda Foundation owns 75% of royalties and management of their homes. Succession Reyes is also in dispute with the Foundation for facilitating this use of the name of the Nobel Prize Chilean airline LAN, which created the Neruda VIP lounge at the airport in Santiago. There are also disputes over the use of "the brand" for lines of chocolates and wine companies that have received authorization Life President Figueroa.

In addition to questioning by the commercial use of the Neruda Foundation, Figueroa noted for having invoked the Patriot Act -created during the dictatorship of Pinochet against two Mapuche leaders: Aniceto Norin and Pascual Pichún. They headed to the municipality of Traiguén communities who accused Figueroa invade lands belonging using them run gadgets like fences, (Move illegally boundaries of a property)

In 2004, the Mapuche leaders were sentenced to five years in prison for "terrorist threat". These convictions were the first issued with adherence to that law upon return to the so-called democracy in 1990. After this case, more than one hundred Mapuche were prosecuted or convicted by that regulation.


Figueroa found the allegations of government support of the "socialist" Ricardo Lagos, who did the State party of the complaints by the Ministry of the Interior and the Public Prosecutor, who used false evidence to incriminate the Mapuches.

The Neruda Foundation in court tried to ban the publication of a book edited by Leonidas Aguirre, with Pablo Neruda delivered speeches on podium in Congress, between 1945 and 1948, as a senator for the Communist Party.

The company argued an alleged violation of "copyright" that claims to possess exclusively. However, the appeals court later authorized the publication stating that "the minutes of session of the Senate are not protected by Law 17.336 on intellectual property." The book was published as 'J'accuse: parliamentary speeches of Pablo Neruda' (Black Sheep, 2002).

Manuel Araya that Neruda was "very generous". He states that "he helped many people who requested it." And that contributions made them "hidden Matilde, who would not like to give away their money."According to M. Araya, the author of Residence on Earth 'donated to the (PC) Communist Party 70% of the amount of the Nobel Prize to a printer for newspaper El Siglo was bought. "All machines brought to print and bought them came from abroad Neruda. I went many times to the port of Valparaiso to remove things and send them to the destination he ordered me, "he says.

Neruda donated in life some properties. In his former wife, Delia del Carril, he gave the Michoacan House in Santiago. Isla Negra residence gave it to the PC, but like all things of this game, the property was confiscated in 1973.

In 1992 the Neruda Foundation bought the Ministry of National Assets in 300 million pesos ($ 700,000). According Casasús today the property "is a frivolous house-museum where exposed to a decaffeinated poet, uprooted from his family and political militancy."

In addition, the June 20, 1954 Neruda donated his priceless collection of snails to the University of Chile, entity that also made life its large personal library.

Neruda also gave the rights to his People Anthology (1972) on condition that it be circulated freely to the people of Chile. The November 20, 1972, with funding from the Ministry of Education, became the first print run of 150 000 copies.

Today is not recognized by the foundation, thanks to researcher-Editor-Cultural Producer Raul Valdivia book is available free as Neruda desire. Raul Valdivia tells us that today can be obtained from lowering, our greatest pride, Valdivia says, is that today's date is May 25, 2014 have fallen 146 153 times for free, fulfilling the mandate of Neruda.


In edition held scanner to the People Anthology 1972 Pablo Neruda delivered to the library of the University of Chile, in 1972, recorded his income with the number 40461.28 appears.

University of Chile, Faculty of Humanities, Library Eugenio Pereira Salas: On this issue a stamp that says income statement.

To find this edition we obtained the answers to our unknowns, the main thing is that this issue if there was, and is not real the position of permanent president of the foundation who denies the existence and publication in Chile of this work, as we have pointed wins Plagiarism / Theft / Embezzlement with the consent of the foundation.

The second question is clear that if it is true that Salvador Allende Neruda wrote a response which is incorporated into the People's Anthology 1972 which mentions the responsibility of the State of Chile to protect this cultural heritage to be part of the assets of our nation.

The third question is the negated statement Neruda, who ordered Incorporate the following information that nobody knows in the People Anthology 1972.

"This book, which contains some of the poems of Pablo Neruda taken from his various works, has been printed by order of the President of the Republic, Comrade Salvador Allende, to be distributed in the broadest sectors of the Chilean people.

The selection was entrusted by the author Homero Arce and work was carried out between this writer and poet at home in "The Manquel" village of Condé-sur-Iton, French Normandy, in the month of September 1972.It was printed in the "Graphic Workshops García, ending on November 20 of 1972.

Fourth mystery are clear rights Neruda "Pablo Neruda not receive any fee for the publication of this work. For its part,

Editorial Losada SA, which owns the copyright of all the author's books in Spanish, has also renounced any economic advantage in this edition. This book can not be put on sale .Its purpose is to arrive in the Chilean people free. "

In 2004 the Spanish publishing Edaf made the reprinting of the book, as if it were an unprecedented anthology. This was authorized by the Neruda Foundation. The Bicentennial Commission (Government of Chile) released again in 2009 the People's Anthology 1972 with a throw of 28 000 500 copies distributed free. But curiously he repeated the mistake of Edaf:

It eliminated the exact date of the original print. This publication was also authorized by the Neruda Foundation, ie each reprint the foundation earned income that Neruda banned, the Chilean government of the time participated in fact supporting the Neruda foundation to hide the exact date of printing Anthology.


Dear dear reader, after reading this note-complaint, you must also give its opinion before such insolence by the usual unknown, white-collar gentlemen who continue to attack our rights violated citizens, a form of review is to spread this portal somehow he joined the defense of our citizens' dignity


Raul Pizarro Valdivia

Researcher-Cultural Producer-Editor

Vice ordförande Paul Nerudakommittén Föreningen i Sverige

Vice President ADDHEE / NGO Chile

Vice President PAN / NGO Chile


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