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Part 4: The importance of knowing observe.

by Raul Valdivia Pizarro


"The denunciation of Manuel Araya, the back guard Neruda, on the existence of a" SPOT PINK "in the abdomen of the poet after being injected by an unsolicited by doctors responsible for the clinic where he was hospitalized element acquire a great relevance, because according to forensic experts at the University of Murcia-Spain, found in the remains of Pablo Neruda's presence "golden staph"this is a fast-acting bacteria, which when injected causes a stain PINK exactly.

Manuel Araya Osorio, tells us .... "On September 22 everything was organized and ready, but Neruda postponed the trip to the 24th, I said that I travel with Matilde to Isla Negra. Guestroom needed to be some books necessary for their future work, the Nobel Prize medal and other belongings would need for the trip. "

We were home in Isla Negra, organizing what we had been entrusted, when Matilde gets a phone call. It was the poet, who asked us to Xian immediately because he felt ill after being injected into the stomach.

On our return, I could see that Neruda had a high fever and try to help by placing a cool cloths on his forehead and check his body to find that in the abdomen had a pink spot, this fact was also observed by Matilde. With it, a doctor, who enters the room, sent me to buy a remedy, saying it did not have available.


At 19 hours, a few blocks from the clinic, a group of civilians, armed and mobilized in two cars, I stopped, hit, shoot me a leg and take me to a police station, where I moved to the Stadium National, then become prison camp.

This happened on September 23, 1973.

Shortly before midnight that day, he dies in clinical Pablo Neruda.

In November 2013 a group of Chilean and foreign experts who conducted scientific expertise to the remains found that Neruda had not been poisoned, but still did not give the minister Float closed the investigation on the grounds that the results were inconclusive and ordered the new surveys.

Unlike its predecessors, the new skills seek to establish the presence of biological remains that should not be found among the remains of the poet and thus came the discovery of molecular fragments of Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium not associated with his cancer Neruda.

This bacterium, considered aggressive and often fatal, is a major cause of systemic infections.

The importance of this discovery is that indeed suffering from cancer Neruda did not die of cancer, and as Manuel Araya Osorio says was killed by a shot to the stomach.

This irrational act committed just because Neruda would fight until death against the Pinochet dictatorship, imposed by the US government in power and supported by fascist sectors of the armed forces of our country.

This situation has required me to continue the research and have found that golden staph infections (Staphylococcus aureus) can be life threatening if bacteria invade the body more deeply, entering the bloodstream, joints, bones, lungs or the heart.

Staph infections can range from minor skin problems to endocarditis, an infection that threatens the life of the lining of the heart valve.

As a result, the signs and symptoms of staph infections vary widely, depending on the location and severity of the infection.

Also known as septicemia, bacteremia occurs when staph bacteria enter the bloodstream of a person. A persistent fever is a sign of bacteremia. The bacteria can travel deep places within your body to produce infections affecting the internal organs including: brain, heart or lungs.

Staph bacteria can travel the length of the medical tube that connects the outside world with your internal organs. One example is dialysis.

Source: http://estafilococos.net/sintomas/


With these elements we must remember that "The first expert at the Medical Legal Service and the University of Chile, according to sources quoted by Radio Bio Bio, have ruled that the death of the poet was due to cachexia prostate cancer who It affected, but it was a cardiac arrest.

Our interest as a citizen of this country is to be achieved with courage unlock this murder while forcing us to require government officials light that reaches facts as terrible as the Plagiarism / Theft / Embezzlement to the work that Neruda gave us Chileans and we should get it for free, I mean the People Anthology 1972 www.antologiapopular1972.cl

We expect a convincing answer.

"The truth is not ashamed of anything except being hidden" Pancho Calama


Raul Valdivia Pizarro

Vice President "ordförande Pablo Nerudakommittén Föreningen i Sverige"

Vice President "Antologia Popular 1972 Patrimonio de Chile" NGOs | PaN-NGO Chile.

Vice President "Asociación por la Dignidad, los Derechos del Ser Humano y de su entorno ecológico" NGOs | ADDHEE / NGO Chile.

Researcher-Cultural Producer-Editor.

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