Trump puts children and adult migrants in cages

Is this the world we want?




Carlos Iaquinandi Castro
Published in Human Rights
From the intimate diary of Nicholas II of Russia, who was taking the Winter Palace. That day he wrote: "Today my heart beats happily because fishing is wonderful".
There are days when certain news seems to converge and intermingle, and is a signal that warns us that things are not going well. In the last hours we got the outbursts of Matteo Salvini, Italian interior minister, announcing a census of the Roma population "to expel the irregulars". So that there would be no doubt of the racist content of his warning, he added: "the Italian gypsies, unfortunately, will have to be kept." And if anyone thinks that this is an isolated occurrence, remember that last April 8, International Day of the Roma people, MEP Mara Bizzotto also from the governmental Northern Italian League said in that parliament "that there should be a day dedicated to the victims of the problems caused by gypsies. " The new Italian government has already found an explanation for the ills that the country suffers: they are "the others", the refugees, the gypsies, and it will not surprise us when they add "the poor", blaming them for their misery.
Other "signs"
From Hungary, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Ukraine or Slovenia we get other disturbing notes. Their governments display similar racist allegations. Ultranationalist ideologues go through these countries with their preachings of hatred and social exclusion. Several of those governments have modified their laws in order to temporarily lock the "unwanted", depriving them of all their human rights. The Hungarian Víktor Orban, a forerunner with Spain in militarizing and wiring its borders using "concertinas", publicly affirmed: "we do not want our color to be mixed with others", which earned him the high commissioner of the UN for Human Rights to brand him as "racist". But many of them do not deny that qualification, claiming that "this way they try to discredit those who defend our own identity". Between them, they buried the principles that were the basis of European reconstruction after 45: solidarity, the defense of Human Rights and the "welfare state". They have found "scapegoats" who are responsible for the injustice and impoverishment of the majorities.
I could not miss Donald Trump
Also yesterday, from the first world power, we received the news about the situation of hundreds of children separated from their parents by the "Migra" North American. Following the indications of D.Trump, and their Secretary of Security apply these inhuman measures because their parents - mostly from Latin American countries - are considered criminals for entering the country illegally. A spooky video broadcast on US channels shows the children in a kind of cage-deposit, isolated from their parents. The impact has been so great that Democrats and Republicans themselves have denounced this governmental barbarism. General Michael Hayden, director of the CIA during the Bush administration, wrote on Twitter: "other governments have separated mothers and children," on a black and white photo of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz.
UNHCR provides figures
In the last hours, the news added that violence and hunger generated in 2017 another three million refugees. Now they total 68.5 million, the highest figure since the end of World War II. Palestinians, Syrians, Afghans, Burmese, Somalis, Pakistanis, Maghrebis or Sudanese are some of the main collectives. Everyone flee from misery and death. Their countries have suffered or have suffered invasions or conflicts in which "developed" countries participate directly or indirectly. Those who die, those who lose their homes, those who flee, are in the vast majority of countries where weapons are not produced. They put the victims. Others put bombs, missiles, rifles or ammunition. There are several European countries, including Spain. But also the USA, Russia, or China, which with Germany and France control more than 70% of the export of the world armament. Contrary to what may be supposed, the countries that receive the most refugees are not precisely those with the most resources: Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran or Uganda stand out among them. According to UNHCR figures, more than 80% of the refugees in the world live in low- and middle-income countries.
There are days when it becomes difficult to fall asleep after having seen the news. If we finally get it, we dream that when we wake up, we will see another reality.
But it's not like that. We will have to build it together.

Source: Human Rights