Comment for Nerudians Rosalia and Juan



Dear comrades, step point out issues that should not be hidden.

As known, the 8th of April we will proceed with the exhumation of the remains of Pablo Neruda, the possibility for the battle has been long and we managed with the support of the world's inhabitants decent people to conduct this research.

In this way we discover that there are those who are not are all they are.

Cuban doctors who participated in this research, they know that the diagnosis of the cause of admission to the clinic Santa Maria and the result of the tests was reported were not convincing and it was false that Neruda was in a final stage of disease diagnosed and treated.

That was a tremendous scientific contribution of the Cubans.

In Chile no one notice, and no one lifted a finger for inviting these scientists to participate in research when exhume the remains of Pablo Neruda.

We insist that all our resources by coroners oncology participate in this research, no one including those who call themselves brothers accepted this proposal and became deaf.

Met interest through our international network to the Swedish Members Neruda and they tried by all means to the Swedish Medical Legal Service participated in the research, one in Chile accepted this proposal.
What is the reason of such deafness?

Because Chilean state powers that are legislative, judiciary and executive have never ruled on this case? .

# The President of Chile, Mr. Pinera, received an official note from the Swedish parliament, informing about plagiarism / theft / embezzlement Neruda's work, and the interest of the Swedish parliament in the Swedish Medical Legal Service participated in the investigation into the case of the Chilean Nobel, never answered this note.

The judiciary had to engage with the three lawsuits filed to conduct an exhumation of the remains of Neruda.

In the end he managed to unite in a single claim two of the three, excluding auto strangely this operation ADDHEE NGO truth.

We deployed an intense battle in parliament, we will never be heard and thus the legislature took care never ruled on the case or Neruda.

A man who does not belong to the party where I participate Neruda. Senator Navarro accept discucion opening of this very relevant to universal culture.

This is the reason why this week in the Senate of the Republic of Chile will hear the voice of a senator advocating the importance of a former senator, a former presidential candidate and Chile also called Universal Gloria Pablo Neruda.

I argue that this happens because silence is concluded.

I found that there are huge economic and political compromises to not let the truth seep.

And what is the truth?

The truth is that Neruda did not die of terminal cachexia or anasarca.

We can say that he died with cancer, but not cancer, because he was killed.

May find evidence of bone metastases, which does not claim that died from cancer, but a result of the substance inoculated in the abdomen that led him to death, but by the time elapsed appears no substance, Neruda died hours after being administered the substance through the abdomen by a physician who was not of the Clinica Santa Maria, now you know all know that dipyrone medicine is not administered by this route it is clear that use that route to introduce his body other lethal substance.

What is clear is that Neruda died hours after being given a substance through the abdomen.

Neruda was a political danger to the coup regime, to go to Mexico would become a banner of struggle and denounced the world about the truth of what was happening in Chile, became a danger.

That reason makes us say that Neruda was a detainee - KILLED.

Neruda was believed safe in the company of the ambassador of Mexico and be installed in the Santa Maria Clinic in Santiago de Chile, clinic that has never been charged with anything, nor its executives have spoken at the number of professional ethical irregularities there have happened, such as the assassination of former president Eduardo Frei Montalva, murder committed when he no longer served the Chilean military dictatorship.

What is certain and manifest in all its harshness fierce hatred culture from the trade of the fascist armed forces in Chile.

Your beloved homeland, was not a safe place for life, we must remember as their homes raided and destroyed important cultural treasures, his coffin had to settle on land because everything was destroyed. Should be remembered as his literary work was burned in streets of Chile.

The military identified fascists who had to be eliminated and the best place was the sinister clinic Santa Maria.

Neruda died by lethal injection an unknown doctor injected him in the Santa Maria Clinic in Santiago de Chile to hours of their departure to Mexico flying in the Mexican presidential plane was already waiting in the dishes his distinguished passenger.

Knowing what is looming today, we can say that we are prepared to lie, but we also say that this will not stop us.

For now it is important to know the total indifference of all Chilean governments have never intervened or taken any action to recover a Chilean state-owned, this is the Anthology donated Popular 1972, created by Neruda and Salvador Allende receptioned by representing the people.

As known this work was created for the receive for free all the Chilean people and their organizations, such as universities, high school students, unions, institutes of the armed forces.
This work has been submitted to Plagiarism / theft / embezzlement, and among those who participate in this war of the Chileans is the Party of Spain.

It is necessary to open a national and international discucion illegality committed and terminate business foundation Neruda and open spaces to build what Neruda always proposed Cantalao Foundation and whose objectives are quite different from the business that develops anti Nerudian misnamed Neruda Foundation, and its president for life? John Agustin Figueroa Yavar.

It must end this national shame.

The final question should be.

And because so much passion Nerudian placed in this defense?

We respond, we must give all patriots to defend our culture, we must be aware and Juan Rosalia Dear fellow who made Neruda is what concrete action created by the U.S. empire and docile executed traitors.

This empire express their ideas on the contents of the "Santa Fe Agreements" question almost forgotten and neoliberalism as implemented by force, likewise implanted and pretend we sever our cultural base to destroy.

In truth, you can lose all life and all the death.