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Letter of support to the revolutionary government of Bolivarian Venezuela 


Venezuela has, as many countries in Latin America, been under pressure from right wing forces and USA for a long time. The struggle for independence and freedom for the people have been ongoing for a long time. With Chavez as president the people of Venezuela got a new chance to break free from this pressure. This is an ongoing process under the president Maduro.  


However, during the past years the pressure has been harder. The sabotage of the Venezuelan society and the changes necessary to provide for real freedom and prosperity for the people, led by the economic elite and backed by USA, has increased. That means that the people of Venezuela is facing a bigger threat than before. 


The social reforms, aiming to benefit the broad masses of Venezuela, are threatening the economic elite and is therefore under attack. 


The reforms needed to be installed are being sabotaged by small groups in Venezuela. Their power is threatened and they will do almost everything to protect their privileges. It is a classic scenario in Latin America.  


The Swedish Pablo Neruda Committee supports every step and reform that is needed to protect democracy, justice and freedom for the Venezuelan people. In this fight, we stand by the people. 


With support from the people, president Maduro will succeed in this fight. Following reports from Venezuela we can also see that the attempts to sabotage the building of a new Venezuela are failing. The burning of food supplies for the poor, the embarrassing failure of the "general strike" and other measures are showing the weakness and the desperation of the privileged elite. And with the mobilization of the Venezuelan people these groups will fail in the ground. 


The Swedish Pablo Neruda Committee salute all the efforts you do to fight for real freedom, democracy and prosperity for the Venezuelan people! 


Torbjörn Björlund 
Chairman of the Swedish Pablo Neruda Committee 


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