Deep disappointment to realize, for the umpteenth time, that Chile has a puppet government

Through a statement from the Foreign Ministry (again), the government of President Bachelet has exposed "his deep disappointment at the decision of the Venezuelan government to have materialized today a process of election to a National Constituent Assembly without the More minimum guarantees for a universal and democratic vote ".
It could not be otherwise, Michelle Bachelet, who understands democracy fairly little, is disappointed in the face of democratic acts, especially if it refers to a Constituent Assembly (What a horror!). The curious thing is that he is not disappointed, he is absolutely democratic and he endorses an act as a whole, like the plebiscite (later cataloged simply as a query), carried out by the opposition: "I have learned that more than 7 million people voted against Of the Constituent Assembly of the Venezuelan government. "
Those 7 million who are only in the head of the opposition who burned the polls and records and no one has been able to verify; Pardon, has only been endorsed by Mr. Heraldo Muñoz, who says he has very good information from the first source, yes from Leopoldo López and Henrique Capriles.
Mrs. Bachelet, as long as she continues to heed her inept and shabby foreign minister, will continue to increase the contempt that the people of Chile feel for their government and the disappointment that continues to increase, especially among those who voted for you and believed in Their false promises. I remind you that its approval barely reaches 18% and disapproval reaches 75%. And with these figures you stand as a justiciera of a foreign government. Sorry to be frank with you Madam President, but your government has no moral authority to criticize a democratic government, which is governed by a constitution emanating from a Constituent Assembly and not like our totally illegal and illegitimate country.
You have said that human rights are violated in Venezuela. This assertion coming from who comes is an act of the greatest cynicism and hypocrisy, because he sees the straw in the other's eye and not the immense beam in his own:
Did you know that 1313 children and adolescents have been raped and killed in the concentration camp for children and adolescents called SENAME? And I say killed because the conditions in which they were allowed to die in that concentration camp, constitute real crimes against humanity, independent of those who were directly killed.
What did you say when the young Mapuche Lorenza Cayuhán gave birth enshrined in the German Sanatorium of Concepción, guarded by three men gendarmes, constituting the most abject crime against human rights. In addition, the young Lorenza had to return to prison with her newborn baby. Imagine if that happened in a sanatorium in Venezuela. And you, Mrs. Bachelet, did not issue any statement that you "were deeply disappointed" by that situation.
Did you know that in these precise moments there are 8 Mapuche villagers who have been on hunger strike for more than 50 days and are in preventive detention for more than a year, without a trial that can condemn them, because the only evidence Prosecution is a statement under torture of another Mapuche comunero?
Did you know, Mrs. Bachelet, that two young Mapuche, a 14-year-old, belonging to the Juen Antinao community of Ercilla and Brandon Hernández Huentecol, have just been visited by doctors from the D.D.H.H. Of the Coelgio of that order, to verify their state of health, after having been shot by police in each police operation? The 14-year-old was shot with pellets on his legs; Brandon Hernandez, was shot in the back with an anti riot shotgun in the Curaco sector in Collipulli.
You heard, Mrs. Bachelet, that during a police raid the Special Forces of the Carabineros (the militarized police), during a raid on the Autonomous Community of Temucuicui, launched a not inconsiderable number of tear gas bombs in an area contiguous to the school G-816, during school hours, strongly affecting the health of the school population that was inside. Her statement was not known, expressing her deep disappointment at the harm to the health, both physical and mental, of these Mapuche children. Their repressive policy towards the Mapuche people, Madam President, has turned the psychological situation of these infants into a true SENAME 2.
Just yesterday, the Court of Appeals of Santiago, has just declared illegal the expulsion of two foreigners (an Argentine and an Ecuadorian) "for participating in anti-systemic activities," constituting an act contrary to the legal system of the State of Chile, without expelled Have had the possibility of knowing the reasons for their expulsion, nor less right to defend themselves.
 The most curious thing is that the mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Claudio Orrego, from whom he issued the order against the Argentine citizen, does not learn, and again makes the sovereign ridiculous, after having expelled, in March, an Italian citizen , Whose expulsion was declared illegal by the Supreme Court. And so, Madam President wants to be respected by the peoples of the Great Homeland.
What happens that you do not care a damn the people of Chile and the peoples of Latin America; You prefer to collude against the legitimate government of Venezuela, with corrupt governments, obsessive raids and subject to State Department rulings, such as that of Peña Nieto of Mexico, where they kill an average of 150 people per day, Day, not counting the dozens of murdered journalists; Such as that of Macri, whose economic policy has led the country to an inflation of more than 40%, and thousands of Argentines begging or "in street situation" as they like to say to the political caste of our country; That of Santos, of Colombia, who was Minister of Defense in the government of his brother-in-law Álvaro Uribe, declared illegal by the Supreme Court of Colombia, for having bribed a deputy to vote in favor of the reform of the Constitution, The re-election of Mr. Uribe, the same of the famous false positives and the underground graves with thousands of assassinated and hundreds of thousands of displaced people; Mr. Temer of Brazil, a coup and corrupt, but he could not; Mr. Cartes de Paraguay, a coup and who, faced with the serious protests of the citizens, had to decline his candidacy for re-election. These just to name a few of your cronies. Do not think that I forgot the worst of all: the bad born, chameleon, creeping, abject Luis Almagro, who serves as Secretary General of the Ministry of Colonies of the United States of America.
Now, to continue getting into the mud of the sedition against Venezuela, you declare: "I share concern about the detention of Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledesma." You share your concern about the arrest of two people who have been prosecuted for sedition and apology for violence by the Venezuelan Courts of Justice. However, he does not share his concern nor express his deep disappointment, because on July 22 last, for The second time in a month, the Court of Appeals overturned the total house arrest (for serious health problems), which met the 73-year-old machuca Francisca Linconao and sent her back to the women's prison in Temuco "for being A danger to society. "
Contrary to the lords for which you are very worried, the machi Linconao, has not been condemned and is in preventive custody being accused without any proof of the crime of the marriage Lucksinger-MacKay.
I think it would be very good, Mrs Michele Bachelet, to realize once and for all that in Venezuela, for a long time, a coup attempt has been launched by the CIA and the department of State of the United States of America and that has not been possible to materialize, thanks to the constitutionalist doctrine of the Bolivarian Armed Forces of the Republic of Venezuela. What happens is that the rights in Latin America can not bear to lose elections, then, without further ado, they resort to sedition, and to violence, traits that are in their own DNA.
You, Madam President, should be given a stone in the chest, because despite the 75% disapproval of his administration, the Chilean people support their indignation with resignation and do not go out to burn public buildings, hospitals, Schools, much less young people for being "bacheletistas", protests that according to you are peaceful and with a disproportionate repression.
Going back to the title of this note, I remind you that the puppet is not an invention of mine, because it was strongly engraved when, at the end of its first term, wikileaks made public a cable of the American ambassador in Chile in which it expressed textually: "To give To Chile the leadership, but without making them appear that they are our puppets or representatives ".
Another perlite: "The maternal tone of Bachelet now seems false and dangerous, very dangerous": Tomás Mosciatti, on the same occasion the cable of the ambassador.
To say goodbye, Mrs. Bachelet, I leave a paraphrase of the last speech of Dr. Salvador Allende, constitutional president of the Republic of Chile:
"... because in our country fascism was already present for many hours in the terrorist attacks, flying the bridges, cutting the railway line, destroying the pipelines, the gas pipelines, in the face of the silence of those who had to proceed; Were compromised. History will judge them. " A good listener few words
"The Nerudians and Nerudians subscribe this journalistic note absolutely, the views of this article are our words.
"They can cut all the flowers, but they will not be able to stop the spring" words of the murdered nobel Pablo Neruda

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