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How to access the venezuelan Petro?


The Venezuelan cryptocurrency officially operates
"Petro is born and we are going to have a total success for the welfare of Venezuela," President Nicolás Maduro said when referring to the electronic currency
The Petro was created by the Venezuelan Government to combat the financial blockade imposed by the United States. Foto: Tomada de Telesur
The Government of Venezuela officially launched the El Petro cryptocurrency, backed by oil resources, with the aim of opening a new economic era in the nation.
Tareck El Aissami, vice president of the Republic, began the pre-sale process of the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, in the early hours of the morning. From this February 20, the manual of acquisition and commercialization of the Petro will be available and will begin the pre-sale of this digital currency with 82.4 million units available.
«The Petro was born, today the Venezuelan Petro presale is formally and officially started. Venezuela is placed at the forefront of future times. Today will become a day of history. It is the first State, the first nation that launches its cryptocurrency, backed by its reserves and natural wealth, "the vice president reported during his address from the Miraflores Palace.
The manual can be downloaded in several languages ​​for the convenience of users interested in acquiring this cryptocurrency.
"Petro is born and we are going to have a total success for the well-being of Venezuela," President Nicolás Maduro said earlier on his Twitter, and also said that Tuesday will be a "very busy" day, as his government will be working on the strategic alliances.
"The largest and most important companies and Blockchain in the world are with Venezuela, we are going to sign agreements," said Maduro.
Petro cryptocurrency is the only one in the world that is supported by physics with 5.342 million barrels of field 1 of the Ayacucho Block of the Orinoco Oil Belt.
The Petro was created by the Venezuelan Government to combat the financial blockade imposed by the United States (US), attract investments and generate a new payment mechanism for goods and services.
The Venezuelan cryptocurrency will be redeemable for fiduciary money and other crypto-assets through digital exchange houses. Its price will be associated with that of the Venezuelan crude oil basket, because the State will accept the payment of taxes, obligations, taxes, contributions and national public services in Petro.


How to access Venezuelan Petro?

The Petro is the first cryptocurrency in Latin America.
The Venezuelan cryptoactive will be offered to the market in two stages: the first, destined for private sale, while the second will be a public offering.
On Tuesday, February 20, the pre-sale of the Venezuelan crypto-agent, the Petro, began. The authorities of the country reported that in the beginning, one hundred million Petros will be issued, of which 82 million 400 thousand will be offered to the market in two stages; the remaining 17 million will be reserved for the State.
- First stage: This is an "Initial Presale" in which 38.4 percent of the cryptoactive will be available (38.2 million).
- Second stage: This is an "Initial Offer" (COI), in which 44 percent of the cryptoactive will be available (44 million).
- The remaining 17.6 percent will be retained by the Superintendence of Cryptocurrencies and Related Venezuelan Activities (SUPCACVEN).
First phase: Private Presale
- 38.2 million Tokens (non-mineable tokens) will be available for private sale.
- Investors will participate who will be able to acquire with discounts the first 38.2 million Tokens.
- Amounts will be assigned to state companies and private groups through auctions that will set the price per unit.
Second phase: Initial Public Offer
- It is a public offer in which 44 million cryptoactives will be available.
- It will start after March 20 and will end only when the remaining 44 million Petros are exhausted.
- Anyone with access to foreign currencies and various cryptoactives may exchange them for Petros at the international rate of the Venezuelan oil barrel.
- Can only be purchased in cryptocurrencies or currencies.
Ways to acquire Petro
1. Through exchange of Tokens Petro ERC20 acquired in the Buy Pre-Sale.
2. In the Initial Offer open to the participation of the general public.
3. In the secondary market once the Initial Offer process is finished
The Petro
- It will be sold in bolivars only in the secondary market after the first two stages have been completed.
- It is backed by 5,342 million barrels of crude oil.
- It is the first cryptoactive backed and issued by a State.
- He was assigned field number 1 of the Ayacucho Block of the Orinoco Oil Belt.
- Seeks to generate new forms of international financing.
- It will have a virtual wallet, where the buyer will keep his possessions.
- It will be divisible by 100 million units. The minimum unit of exchange will be called Mene (0.00000001)

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