Chile's stubbornness to avoid cause death of Neruda


By Fausto Triana
Santiago de Chile, Apr 25 (PL) Venerated in all latitudes, author of love poems perhaps more endearing in the Hispanic world, Pablo Neruda finds it difficult to rest in peace before a certain stubbornness in Chile to ignore the cause of his death .
When the subject is in the hands of prestigious scientific laboratories from different countries, with special prominence in Canada and Denmark, the denial of a current fact now refuted: he did not die of cancer in the prostate.
The Genomic-Proteomic Panel composed of 16 scientists from six countries, in deliberations for five days in this capital in October 2017, made it clear that the vate did not lose his life as a result of cancer.
A new and morbidly fascinating chapter in the career of the author of Canto General, which arose when the persistent complaints of his driver and personal assistant Manuel Araya were finally heard.
Such a finding tilts the balance towards the black hand of agents of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, a claim long repeated by Araya, which has been upheld by most of the Neruda family and by plaintiffs in the case.
The outstanding site Popular Anthology 1972-NGO Chile, came to the step of an article published by the newspaper El Mercurio, in which Bernardo Reyes, nephew of Neruda, dares to discard the thesis of the crime of the Nobel Prize of Literature.
According to the nongovernmental organization, 'El Mercurio and Bernardo Reyes, both Pinochetistas and liars, found work, do what they must do assuming their role and fulfilling the agreements of Santa Fe (platform of the CIA of the United States to Latin America)'.
In parallel, the lawyer Rodolfo Reyes Muñoz, wrote to Mercury and offered solid arguments as a plaintiff in the case and direct nephew of the creator of Canto General and confess that I lived.
Reyes Muñoz, in the update of the file related to Neruda, recalled that at the end of the Panel of Experts, the Spanish expert Aurelio Luna Maldonado, together with 13 other specialists, concluded:
'That it was proved before the court that the Death Certificate of the poet, issued on September 24, 1973, is ideologically false. Pablo Neruda did not die because of cancer. '
Likewise, he indicated that he is accredited, through expert reports, that Neruda did not have cancerous cachexia, as indicated by the Medical Certificate of Death. On the contrary, it was established in a reliable and irrefutable way that he was overweight at the time of death.
On the other hand, Dr. Reyes Muñoz explained that although Neruda died at the Santa Maria clinic at 22:30 local time on September 23, 1973, his death certificate was signed the following day.
This happened in the home of a urologist outside the clinic, who did not observe the patient in the 48 hours prior to his death, thus not knowing the real cause of the death of the poet, he added.
It was in a context of great agitation and military repression, only 12 days after the bloody coup d'etat of Augusto Pinochet.
Finally, Reyes Muñoz stressed that Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto, the real name of Neruda, was a political adversary for the military regime, an active member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.
He was senator of the Republic and later pre-candidate for the Presidency, renouncing it in favor of his socialist friend Salvador Allende, who was elected in 1970.

Source: Prensa Latina