From the Mapuche people to the Palestinian people
* yafüptuduamün Zionism l • angümün welu ayay



We greet Jeanette Escanilla , Nerudiana , Deputy and President of Ship to Gaza - Sweden.

The Chilean Nerudans and the Mapuches greet the women who assume their responsibilities in the international women's movement "Ship to Gaza" accusing the cruel Zionist regime of Israel.



Free Palestine
Ship to Gaza -Chile
Sofia Ale Ale- Representative



Popular Anthology 1972-Heritage of Chile / NGO

Manuel Araya Osorio            Raúl Valdivia                Sofía Ale Ale

                President                     Vice President       International Relations


Transl:* Have courage, courage, Zionism to kill, will die
* yafüptuduamün Zionism l • angümün welu ayay